Who We Are


Amanda Jones


Jennifer is an entrepreneur, a catalyst and an activist. She believes strongly in giving a hand-up and creating access to opportunities to help humanity reach its fullest potential. Jennifer spent time in Kenya working in a remote village to help scale a women's cooperative making local products and witnessed, first hand, the power of helping to create opportunities and strong, motivated women.

Jennifer Chapin


Torie produces corporate events and client education programs. Having grown up abroad and traveled extensively, she believes that through dialogue, exchanges and shared community we can better understand one another and build a stronger world.

Torie Sandvig

Founders Circle

Christy is a writer and a documentary film producer whose latest film, Kè Kontan, takes a seven-year look at the survival of a classical music school in the ghettoes of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Christy believes passionately in the universal values of art and education as critical agencies for the betterment of humanity.

Christy McGill

Founders Circle

Julie is a mother of two daughters. She is a Director of the William E. Simon Foundation, which supports programs primarily focused on education and youth welfare. She believes that education is the way up for all societies.

Julie Munro

Founders Circle

Jenny is an award winning public relations strategist. She is known globally for her savvy and creative approach to driving awareness about people, places and services she is passionate about. She represents clients she believes in who are helping people or healing the planet.

Jenny Le Coq

Founders Circle